Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brassaii holiday menu

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Recently we were able to preview Brassaii's holiday menu. The 7-course (or 9 if you count the seafood tower and soup) spread demonstrated the wide gastronomic repertoire of Chef Chris Kalisperas, complemented with tableside cocktails by resident mixologist Jordan Stacey and desserts by Pastry Chef, Mark Cheese.

Our table started off with a seafood tower featuring Nova Scotia lobster, Alaskan king crab, shrimp, and oysters


The Amuse was Potato Leek Soup + whipped creme fraiche + caviar.
Keep in mind that some of the serving sizes in the photos below are smaller than individual portions you might order so that we could go through more items to sample.


Course 1: Burrata
Roasted beets + endive + walnut vinaigrette + basil

The mozzarella was so moist, with a dreamy, creamy centre; it's softness texturally complemented by the beets.


Course 2: Steak Tartare
housecut beef tenderloin + foie gras torchon + quail egg + pickled chanterelles + crostini

Some people are quite squeamish with the thought of eating raw meat, but this version of steak and egg was quite a treat. Oh and I love chanterelles!


Course 3: Gnocchi
housemade pasta + lamb ragu + ricotta salata + mint


Course 4: Scallops
Qualicom bay scallops + beluga lentils + Iberico chorizo + roasted pistachio vinaigrette

I'd have the crispy chorizo topped scallops over the bacon wrapped kind anytime.


Course 5: Duck
roasted breast + confit leg + braised cabbage + leek puree + chestnuts + grape mostarda


Course 6: Venison
peal barley + pomegranate + sweet potato


Course 7: Black Forest
crunchy black forest gift box + cherry red wine sauce + pistachio ice cream



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(416) 598-4730

Posted by: Mark Rodas