Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fresh Canteen

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Fresh Canteen at www.freshcanteen.com is an innovative new food service in Toronto that allows you to have a fresh home cooked meal ready in around half an hour, without the fuss of finding a recipe and shopping for all the ingredients.

All the meat, veggies, seasonings and sauces you need are conveniently packaged in a gel-packed insulated box, delivered right to your door. The gourmet recipe with easy to follow instructions to make a meal for 2 are also included.






We tried their Mock Butter Chicken kit at home -- it's mock since butter is optional. As you can see below, the naan, side salad ingredients and Basmati rice are included.

Fresh Canteen adds another dinner option for time strapped folk to enjoy a variety of nutritious home cooked meals. It's especially appealing to not have to stock up on a multitude of ingredients that would otherwise go bad if you only wanted to make enough for 2 servings.



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