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Monday, August 23, 2010

Deep-fried butter and other artery cloggers at the Ex

Monday, August 23, 2010
What good reasons are there to go to the Ex? Sure there are good deals to be had, midway rides, games, the general sense of festiveness, and a celebration of the summer just passed, but the best reason to go by far is the food. It's not gourmet food, it's gimicky, often greasy, and always fun fairground fare.

Year after year, my Ex staples have been a corndog and an ice cream sandwich. But this year, I'm pushing the cardiac envelope with some sure fire artery cloggers. Here's the rundown:

Deep-fried Butter


This has been the talk of the town. It sounds decadently gluttonous, and elicits awe, disgust, fascination, and food lust all at once. It was good, but not spectacular, and certainly no where near as rich as foie gras or my favourite Filipino treat Sans Rival (essentially butter with a little meringue holding it together).

The frozen butter ball melts away while frying, so you're left with four hollow butter-soaked balls of funnel cake batter, sauced with chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and strawberry, dusted with icing sugar.

Chocolate-covered Bacon


What can I say? Pork definitely loves chocolate.

Deep-fried Mars bar


This was my favourite treat at the Ex. A hot molten Mars bar is a whole lot sweeter and richer than one at room temperature. You can certainly feel every bite buzzing your brain and teeth.

Twinkie Log


This looks nice, and sounds great in concept, but it was it was rather dry and unspectacular compared to the other items above.

Taco in a bag


This was a novel take on a taco salad. Interesting, but not very tasty, and not very easy to eat. It's a bag of Nacho Doritos with all your taco fixin's.

There was so much more food I wanted to give a go like Bouchard's "The Mexican" poutine, and deep-fried Mac & Cheese, but alas that's enough abuse for one day. Perhaps next year.

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