Friday, June 26, 2009

Turnover of Toronto restaurants: A love/hate situation

Friday, June 26, 2009
I both love and hate the fact that I will never get around to all the restaurants in Toronto. On the one hand, there's nothing better than knowing I will live in this city the rest of my life (woohoo!) and will STILL never get the "restaurant blahs" because there is always something new and exciting to try. Maybe next on our list will be dining in the dark - shout-out to my coworker for letting me know this one will be opening soon:

On the flipside, restaurant turnover in this city makes someone like myself a little nervous. I still remember running to the "Susur" part of Susur Lee's two namesake restaurants once we caught word that he was leaving for N.Y. He trained chefs in his place, but still, we needed the Susur Lee experience before he left forever (okay, really, I hear he still comes back to town now and then, but again, I'm a total food loser, and I had to get there before he left or else I'd somehow feel cheated... I know, not logical, but the propsect of missing out on good food makes me irrational!). So we frantically called day-in and day-out to get a reservation. We got in, and the food was pretty good, but I think I'm still haunted by the wall lined with Colonel Sanders statues painted all white (yes, THAT Colonel Sanders, the one of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame). I was also panicked (okay, really, I think I'm overexaggerating, but please don't pin me as shallow or bizarre for being panicked about a restaurant closing!) when I caught wind of Scaramouche potentially closing, and made sure to get there in time. That's where I tasted the best scallop of my life... see? I have reason to get crazy when I hear a true Toronto culinary institution might be closing! It might be the best food I've ever tasted! I even freaked out when an obscure Indian buffet near my house closed with no notice but I realized it had just moved further down the street, so I still have a chance to go there... I hope... oh wait, here comes the paranoia, maybe it closed today and I didn't even know haha!

I think turnover gives me all the more reason to want to document the places we've been as a public record of their tastiness.

All that said, here's a preview of what's to come:

  • Our picks for the top three sushi restaurants in the GTA.
  • An update on Mark's birthday dinner at Bocca on Baldwin Street (we've all had good lamb and bad lamb... we'll fill you in on what the lamb experience was like at Bocca).
  • Some out-of-town photoblogging (we recently went to Moto in Chicago, home of reknowned gastronomic chef Homaro Cantu, and had a 20 course 5-hour-long meal. Pictures of every course were taken and Mark typed the info down on his phone so we'd remember what was in each amazing dish).
  • Also watch for Taste of the Danforth updates in August plus some guest-blogging from other food-obsessed friends of ours.
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