Monday, June 29, 2009

Party idea: Breakfast for dinner

Monday, June 29, 2009

This past weekend we had some friends over and we cooked breakfast items for dinner, complete with mimosas as drinks (and, had I not forgot to add triple sec to some of them, formosas as well). I've got to say, after doing a couple different dinner ideas for get-togethers over the last few years, this one was one of the most simple ones - and who doesn't like eating breakfast foods for dinner?!

The hit was, by far, the Filipino breakfast dish pandesal, which involved making pork adobo (not the Spanish dry rub kind with spices, but the Filipino kind that involves cooking the pork a certain way in a mixture of mostly soy sauce, vinegar and water and some seasonings - if anyone wants the recipe let me know in the comments section). Then the adobo pork is shredded with a fork and put on toasted sweet buns, known as pandesal (I've also eaten this dish untoasted and it's great either way).

So while Mark took care of the ridiculously-good pandesal, I made homemade waffles (Mark made an amazing homemade blueberry/triple sec compote for the waffles) and homemade quiche, and we cooked up some sausages too. Like I said in my intro, anything is an excuse for us to cook for people - this time it was just the fact that it's summer and we hadn't seen some of our friends in a while.

I'll be kind and won't post the hilarious reaction shot of one of my good friends to the pandesal - I think you can see him falling in love with a bun!

Yours in food,


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