Thursday, June 25, 2009

So who is behind Tasting Toronto?

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Stacey Fowler

I'm a little obsessed with two things: Toronto and food. Luckily, my boyfriend Mark has the same obsessions. Thus, for obvious reasons, we decided to start this blog. We mostly hope to document our local culinary travels, and if there's a restaurant in Toronto you've been wanting to go to, ask us about it first - it's likely we've already been there or are planning to go and can fill you in!

Given my love of food, I will make any excuse to have as many friends over as I can cram into my apartment so I can cook, bake and mix drinks for them - I have a lucky set of friends! But when we're not cooking at home, Mark and I are out tasting what Toronto has to offer.

Enjoy and if you have any questions feel free to email us at Bon appetit!

Mark Rodas

Toronto is such a great city! It's big enough and diverse enough to foster a vibrant culinary scene. Many ethnic ingredients and foods once considered exotic are now readily available. I've heard a story of a huge Filipino food outlet that had to venture into more prepared meals as they've experienced increased competition from other general Asian groceries, and even No Frills.

We have myriad food and drink festivals throughout the year as well as an ever changing restaurant landscape. Sometimes I've regretted not going to an interesting restaurant sooner, only to realise that either it is no longer there or that the original reasons for going have either gone away with the prima donna chef or have succumbed to the economic pressures of expensive ingredients. I dearly miss some places like Solferino, which had the best pistachio gelato in town or the old Pizzeria Uno and the Fish House that both used to be on Front St.

Sometimes we find that food reviews in the papers may overhype a new trendy restaurant or unduly trash others. What better way to uncover the truth than to investigate ourselves. We hope you find our blog informative and entertaining. We most welcome comments and suggestions at so that we can all explore and enjoy all that tasting Toronto has to offer.


Some Girl said...

You guys are truly too cute.

Tasting Toronto said...

KATE!!! Thank you! Do you have a blog on here too? If so I want to check yours out too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Stay,

Things sure have come a long way since our WNBA blog in the 7th grade huh! Didn't know you were such a foodie, you and Mark definitely need to make a trip to the West. Calgary has some GREAT eats and Vancouver has even more!


Weight Loser said...

lol You had a WNBA blog in grade seven? Who knew?! This is such a cute blog and makes me actually want to go to T.O. Hope to read more!


Tasting Toronto said...

Hey Abby! LOL Yes we did, we were such nerds! Nikki and I were a little obsessed with basketball, and it was totally one of those first-generation sites on Angelfire... LOL It was hilarious! This is a vast improvement I hope LOL

Thanks for the comment, Toronto does have some great food but the good news is there are also some sweet restaurants in Oshawa too actually - the Gallery Cafe was cool but I heard it closed, it was right above the Art Gallery by the Library. There was some new Asian one on Taunton I went to that was good too... the name escapes me... but if you're ever in Toronto and want some food suggestions I'm all ears!

Cheers! -Stace

Anonymous said...

Yo Stacey, it's CLG. This blog is pretty awesome. Victoria gave me the URL. You and Mark are doing an amazing job. Have fun! CLG

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