Monday, March 22, 2010

This is how we RRROLL - Testing the Rimroller at Tim Hortons

Monday, March 22, 2010
So I wanted to start a post about winning both a coffee and a donut from 2 consecutive cups of large regular coffees I bought at Tim Hortons. Sweet... free breakfast! It got me thinking, "There's an awful lot of RRROLLing up the rim to win going on in the office, up and down the street, everywhere!"

Then I remembered that I saw this invention called the rimroller on an episode of Dragons' Den on CBC. It's essentially a keychain with a couple of blades inside that cuts a section of the coffee cup's rim and rolls it up for you. 'Sure beats doing it with your fingers, or your teeth for that matter.

I thought I'd go to Tim's today to test this gizmo out.

Let me tell you it's pretty cool. It doesn't increase you rrroll-up effieciency tremendously with 1 cup (what's another 10 seconds right?), though if you stood in front of a Tim's before work and did it for a dime per rim, you're sure to make your lunch money and then some.

There's a little problem with how narrow the cut is. As you can see from my test, there was only enough room for the French part. My sister also pointed out that you can't use it while there's still coffee in your cup. Apparently a lot of people are so eager to find out if they've won, that they start rolling the rim even if the cup's still half-full.

The verdict: If you happened to have the rimroller on you, it does make finding out if you've won a lot faster. And it's a really fun toy for you gadget geeks out there.

Posted by: Mark Rodas


Bonita said...

What a cute gadget! No more gnawing away at the rims! It was great to meet you and Stacey tonight, and to finally put faces to a familiar Tweep!

By the way, I’m passing along a blogging award to the both of you.

Neil said...

I remember that episode, and wondering if it would actually work. Good to know it does, if only to avoid those public situations where gnawing on a cup rim just won't cut it.

canadianfoodiegirl said...

Okay, that's pretty cool.
Did the dragons invest?

Tasting Toronto said...

I know, it is pretty cool! I don't remember if they invested or not.

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