Sunday, July 5, 2009

A smorgasbord of random: Ribfest, Pizzeria Libretto, restaurants we want to go to, restaurants we've been to, and general website updates

Sunday, July 5, 2009
Add this to our old post outlining "upcoming posts:" Mark was "on assignment" (haha love saying that, makes us feel like real writers!) at Ribfest in Etobicoke recently, so we'll have photos and a post on that soon.

You may also have noticed we added a few restaurants yesterday on the right-hand side we want to go to sooner rather than later. We're doing a good job of crossing them off, because last night we took an impromptu streetcar ride to Ossington/Dundas to eat dinner at Pizzeria Libretto (we made a correction to this post as we kept calling it Pizza Libretto on here by accident) so a review of that restaurant will be coming soon.

We'll also soon add a rolling text list of all the restaurants we've been to: On our first edit of the list (I think we still have quite a few more to add) we've already hit the 60 restaurant mark! It's times like these where I'm reminded I like to eat too much...!

I've also added links on the very bottom of the page - a must-read is The Globe and Mail article on how the French just aren't doing French cuisine like they used to given they've made "economic refugees" of most of their chefs who have taken off for better opportunities elsewhere (after you read it I'd love to hear your thoughts by commenting on the blog here - does the rest of the world, especially Japan, really do French cuisine better as the writer contends?)

Enjoy your Sundays (mmmm sundaes...) everyone!


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