Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Great sushi in the GTA

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Against all odds, I love sushi. Despite never eating fish or sea creatures of any kind until I was almost 18 (my mother was deathly allergic so we never had any such stuff in the house), I have really taken to pretty much every type of seafood imaginable.
In rounding up my favourite sushi restaurants, I have to note that I'm totally aware there is a sushi strip on Bloor St., but so far I have to say that favourites remain outside of that strip, with two of them still being in the downtown core and one of them being WAY outside that strip - it's technically in Markham.

Here's a quick round-up of three of my very favourite sushi restaurants. (All links below go to a Google Map so you can see where the restaurant is.)

Daily Sushi: (Right beside Carlton Cinemas at Carlton and Yonge Sts.) Mark recommended this place to me, and it's pretty good. Cheap, central, and the sushi tastes fresh. I recommended this place to a colleague and she loved it.

Nagoya: (Kennedy Rd. and 14th Ave.) Okay, so I cheated a little on this one, because it's an all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet so we were ordering up much more than sushi: Breaded scallops, teriyaki dishes, a pretty tasty beef and green onion dish, etc. but the sushi here really is amazing.

The handrolls were not what I envisioned them to be - they came in cones of crispy unsoaked seaweed paper and you could pour your wasabi-laden soy sauce right into the cone. The salmon, avocado and cucumber one was amazing. Their soft-shell crab rolls were good too.

Nijo Sushi: Even though it's a tiny hole-in-the-wall on Huntley St. beneath an apartment, their salmon (my favourite type of fish for sushi) is to die for. It's cheap and fresh and portion sizes are bigger than what you expect from a typical sushi place and it's near my work and not far from my house ANDDDDD (as if this sentence could run on any longer!) they always give me something complimentary with takeout, usually edamame. What more can you ask for from a sushi place?! I think I'm in love!

Yours in food,


Anonymous said...

If you love Sushi you should try Guirei Japanese on Queens Quay W! Their sushi is great and you can even get it delivered! They will not deliver if you call the restaurant directly but they use that ordering service - you can order online and they bring it straight to your door :)

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