Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Toronto Ukrainian Festival

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
After the Miracle Fruit foodiemeet, we hopped on the subway to Jane station to check out the Toronto Ukrainian Festival at Bloor West Village, between Jane and Runnymede.

There were a variety of dance and musical acts on stage, a beer garden serving-up some Ukrainian brews, arts & crafts, as well as other displays of Ukrainian culture.

Now onto the food. We had a combo of sausage, perogies and sauerkraut, with a slice of rye bread, and sour cream on the side. That hit the spot. It felt healthy and comforting. It's a good thing the Miracle Fruit we had earlier had lost its effect. I wanted to taste all the flavour of the sauerkraut. I like perogies prepared this way, all moist and slippery, in contrast with fried and dry pub perogies. I would've liked to also check out the Polish Festival happening that same weekend on Roncesvalles, but this will have to be my perogie fix for now.

Walking east on Bloor, we spotted a sandwich board for Sweet Flour bake shop advertising muffin tops (yes you Seinfeld fans, they sell muffin tops in Toronto). We had to try one, as well as a Ukrainian sugar cookie with a smiley face on it. The muffin top tasted like a normal muffin, though I would've liked a little more crunch on the crust. The sugar cookie was really good.

Further down the street, I spotted my favourite of all Toronto festival food, Ecuadorian pulled pork and potato omelettes from La Fiesta Catering. Too bad I had no more room in my tummy for the day.

Wait, they're not Ukrainian... and neither is Bob's Bloomin Onions nor Tiny Tom Donuts further down. No matter, they all add to the wonderful festive summer street feel, along with the same midway rides they had at the Taste of the Danforth.

Another festival concluded... Welcome fall!


ontarioisms said...

We found out way to the Polish and Ukrainian festivals this weekend as well. It was pretty tough to resist devouring all those Eastern European comfort foods. We also went to Sweet Flour too! My white chocolate, dried cranberry muffin top was delish!

Tasting Toronto said...

Yeah we love these street festivals. They're cheap and often have a lot of yummy comfort food. We'll probably go back some day to Sweet Flour to try their custom cookies.

Kasia said...

I didn't make it to the Ukrainian one, but the Polish fest had some really good stuff...You just have to walk further to get the better deals on the sausages served by the cute old polish grandmas. The smile cookie looks adorable.

Tasting Toronto said...

Thanks Kasia! We'll probably check out the Polish festival next year. Any recommended food from this year's fest?

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